Project Description

This 4,000 pound specimen California walnut burl was harvested in 1980 at Clear Lake California. We are sealing it with a waterproof sealant for shipment to a veneer manufacturing plant in Ohio – that’s me pouring the sealant. The gentleman standing next to me is Earl Roberts. Earl established Roberts Wood Products in Portland Oregon in the early 1950’s, ten years later Earl and his family moved to northern California where he established a very successful gunstock manufacturing business called Robert’s Wood Products. Earl was one of the first to foresee the value that California Claro walnut would have for the manufacture of high grade gunstocks. I had the good fortune of meeting Earl in 1975 at Linda California. Over the next ten years Earl shared with me many different aspects of the world of trees and wood. Mr. Roberts retired from the gunstock business and moved to Chile where he searches for fallen exotic logs waiting for a good home. The Claro burl pictured here produced over 12,000 square feet of high grade veneercut to 1/42″ thickness.