Bastogne walnut tree harvested from Meridian CA due to the trees proximity to high voltage power lines and failing health. This species of walnut was first discovered and then cultivated by Luther Burbank 1849 – 1926 at his outdoor laboratory located in Santa Rosa, California.

There were 6 trunks growing from a single stem that measured 26′ in circumference at ground level. My friend Michael Henwood made the 360 degree cut at the base of the trunk. Using a Stihl 090 chainsaw I cut the log into smaller sections for transporting¬†to our sawmill located in Grass Valley, CA.

This rare species of walnut was milled for the manufacture of musical instruments and restocking of collectible firearms along with furniture; musical instruments and high-end accessories. The wood displays exceptional color variation along with a wide range of extravagant figure.

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