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Marblecake English Walnut Gunstock Blank

2 5/16" Thick x 6 3/4" to 7" Wide x 22 1/2" Long

One out of many thousand english walnut trees across the globe will yield the characteristics displayed in this one of a kind blank. The high-end collectible gun market refer to the striking color contrast and grain flow as marblecake. This blank was sawn from a variety of english walnut known as franquette. The wood is blemish free in the template area and 99.9% blemish free overall. The template shots were taken dry with no finish applied and we used alcohol for the dampened shots. A perfectly matched forearm is included and measures: 2 1/2" thick x 3 1/2" wide x 14 1/4" long. The wood has been air dried over 4 years and surfaced on both sides. The blank displays some bandsaw marks on side "B" in the grip area that we chose not to remove because they will be carved away in the shaping process. The width of the blank in grip area is 7 1/2". Price: $1,250