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Bastogne Walnut Tree

    The massive walnut tree displayed below is a rare species of walnut known as Bastogne (Paradox) Walnut. This species of walnut was first discovered and cultivated by Luther Burbank in the late 1890's. This magnificent tree had to be removed due to it's proximity to high voltage power lines and failing health caused by a recent wildfire.

    There were 6 trunks growing from a single stem that measured 26' in circumference at ground level. The diameter of the largest trunk was 48".

    My friend Michael made the 360 degree cut with a 4' bar on a Husqvarna chainsaw; the cut came within an inch of a perfect matchup. The other Michael made the ripping cuts with a 5' bar on a Stihl 090 chainsaw. The last image displays the first rip cut made towards the right portion of the stump; you can see light through the cut.

    Look closely at the 5th image to the right of my friend Michael's head and you will see the nose of my chainsaw bar halfway through the cut.

    We divided the stump into 7 sections for milling at our sawmill located in Grass Valley, CA. The wood will be used for: musical instruments; restocking collectible firearms; furniture and high-end accessories. Drying time for this hybrid species of walnut is very fast with minimal drying defect. The wood is spectacular in color variation and deeply figured.

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